Mathieu's work is authentic, geographically diverse, visceral, yet consistently visually stunning and poetic.

Inspiration is the key in Mathieu's creativity. He constantly tries to find new ways of sharing intimate, impactful and captivating storytelling through a personal approach.


Mathieu Le Lay is a film director, director of photography, cinematographer, author, editor and producer based in the French Alps.

After he graduated in Wildlife Conservation at the University of Salford (UK), his insatiable love for nature, cinema and wildlife led him to one year study at IFFCAM, the French wildlife film school.

Since 2008, his films tell genuine stories of the interaction between humans and nature, inspiring people to connect with our natural world.

Beyond the use of natural lights to create evocative atmospheres, he has developed creative and technical skills to shoot documentary films, in some of the most remote and harshest environments of the planet.

His biggest priviledge as an author is being to work on subjects that fascinate him, and drive him to bring emotional and visual depth to his films.

Mathieu is currently developing his first short fiction as he aspires to explore narrative filmmaking in the near future.


Filming on a spectacular and challenging peak, venturing into an engaged and rough expedition, tracking endangered species in the wilderness, seeking for spiritual traditions, and meeting the last inhabitants of desert areas, will always fascinate and excite him most.

Mathieu is available as a Director, Director of Photography and Cinematographer with experience across multiple genres from documentaries, to corporate films and commercials.

He can be available for various events from screenings in theaters and festivals to seminars and large venue talks.



Garnered recognition across the globe at adventure, mountain and wildlife film festivals

Some of Mathieu's most iconic documentary films include:

"In the Starlight" screened at 43rd Banff Mountain Film Festival and many festivals from the International Alliance for Mountain Film, which documents the journey of Canadian-based astrophotographer Paul Zizka;

"West Empire" selected at the 56th Krakow Film Festival and Odense Film Festival, Denmark's International, two Oscar-qualifying film festivals.

His work was also curated several times as Vimeo Staff Picks on the Vimeo platform that helped him to grow as an artist.


As a Sony Pro Ambassador, Mathieu currently owns a Sony PXW-FX9 and α7S III with a wide range of Sony lenses and has experience with most of the professional cameras on the market.


“It is urgent to preserve our natural world and empower others to take actions to make a real difference.“