In the Starlight



During the darkest hours of the night, while the rest of the world is sleeping, outdoor photographer Paul Zizka ventures out into the wilderness in search of the world’s starriest skies. His journey to photograph the celestial wonders takes him from his home amongst the peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the wild, desert dunes of Namibia and remote ice caps of Greenland. Ever the adventurer, he must balance his work and passion for photography with his equal devotion as a family man. In the Starlight is an intimate portrayal of Paul’s quest to capture the night skies, and what his time spent under the stars has taught him about life, love, adventure, and our place in the universe.


Cinematographer, Director, Producer


Camera Lucida, Mathieu Le Lay Productions & Ushuaïa TV




Paul Zizka - Main character
Meghan J. Ward - Secondary character
Mistaya Zizka - Secondary character
Jesse Milner - Secondary character
Emma Freeman - Secondary character
Takeshi Tani - Secondary character


Canada, Greenland, Namibia


Franck Zaragoza - Ocoeur

Mixing Studio

Gaïné Audio by Laurent Mollard


Ushuaïa TV
Canal OFF (Brazil)
RSI (Switzerland)
Servus TV (Austria)
Curta TV (Brazil)
Planete+ (Germany)
Red Bull Media House (Germany)
CCTV9 (China)
Air Canada
West Jet


Ball Watch
Mountain Hardwear
Canon France
Visit Greenland
Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions
Wilson Mountain Sports

Official Film Festival selections

‣ The Adventure Film Series of Whistler 2018, Canada
‣ Gödöllő International Nature Film Festival 2018, Hungary
‣ 8th Sestriere Film Festival, Italy
‣ 16th Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, Estonia
‣ XXIII Festiwal Górski - Ladek Mountain Festival, Poland
‣ Milano Mountain Film Festival 2018, Italy
‣ 15th International Festival of Outdoor Films, Czech Republic
‣ Medzinárodný Festival Horských Filmov Poprad, Slovakia
‣ DocsMX Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de la Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
‣ 43rd Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival, Canada
‣ 5th Adventure Film Festival in Athens, Greece
‣ Winter Film Fest de Bourg St-Maurice, France
‣ Arctic Light Filmfestival, Sweden
‣ Mountainfilm International Filmfestival Graz, Austria
‣ 7th Mountain and Exploration Film Festival, France
‣ Festival de la Photo Animalière et de Nature de Montier-en-Der 2018, France
‣ 35th Torelló Mountain Film Festival, Spain
‣ Eho Mountain Film Festival 2018, Macedonia
‣ Bansko Mountain Film Festival 2018, Bulgaria
‣ Festival Quais du Départ 2018, France
‣ Festival International du Film de Montagne d’Autrans 2018, France
‣ 11th Bilbao Mendi Film Festival, Spain
‣ Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival [semi-finalist], China
‣ 4th Morocco Adventure Film Festival, Morocco
‣ Festival International du Film Animalier et de l’Environnement de Rabat, Morocco
‣ 12th Bovec Adventure Film Festival, Slovenia
‣ Naturae’19 Brescia Winter Film, Italy
‣ 13th Orobie Film Festival 2019, Italy
‣ 4th Objectif Aventure 2019, France
‣ Frozen River Film Festival 2019, USA
‣ International Festival of Winter Cinema, Canada
‣ 13th Festival Gorniskega Filma, Slovenia
‣ Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2019, Canada
‣ Alpin Film Festival 2019, Romania
‣ Verona Mountain Film Festival 2019, Italy
‣ Week on Peak Festival - Gorky Gorod, Russia
‣ Sustainability Film Series 2019, USA
‣ Festival du Film Vert de Lausanne 2019, Switzerland
‣ NatureTrack Film Festival 2019, USA
‣ Irish Adventure Film Festival 2019, Ireland
‣ 7th Festival du Film de Montagne Regards d'Altitudes 2019, France
‣ Docs Puebla 2019, Brazil
‣ Elements International Environmental Film Festival 2019, Canada
‣ 23rd Festival du Film d’Aventure et de Découverte de Val d’Isère, France
‣ Rêves d’Aventure de Strasbourg 2019, France
‣ Ecozine Film Festival 2019, Spain
‣ 15th Festivalul Internațional de film documentar Cronograf, Moldova
‣ 29 Memorial Maria Luisa Photo and Video Contest, Spain
‣ T-Film International Film Festival 2019, Czech Republic
‣ Explos Film Festival, France
‣ Za horyzont domu - Dalekosiężni Tarnowie 2019, Poland
‣ SiciliAmbiente Film Festival 2019, Italy
‣ 13th Festival Internacional de Cine de Montana XIII edición Ushuaia SHH, Argentina
‣ Swiss Mountain Film Festival 2019, Switzerland
‣ Hors les Murs - Festival Atmosphères et La Recyclerie, France
‣ International Mountaineering Film Festival Teplice 2019, Czech Republic
‣ Festival The Alps 2019, Italy
‣ NightScapades Festival 2019, France
‣ What A Trip! de Montpellier 2019, France
‣ The Adventure Travel Film Festival 2019, Scotland & Australia
‣ 31st Festival des Globe-Trotters, France
‣ Internationales Bergfilm Festival Tegernsee 2019, Germany
‣ HoryZonty Adventure Film Festival 2019, Slovakia
‣ Explorimages Festival du Film Nature et Aventure 2019, France
‣ Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2019, Nepal
‣ 11th édition du Festival du Film de Montagne de Cluses, France
‣ Festival des Globe-Trotters de La Ciotat 2019, France
‣ 4th Festival des Randonnées de Mende 2021, France
‣ Festival Salamandre 2021, Switzerland
‣ Nanshan International Mountain Film Festival 2021, China


‣ First Prize at 8th Sestriere Film Festival 2018, Italy
‣ First Prize at Milano Mountain Film Festival 2018, Italy
‣ Cairn d’Argent at 7th Festival du Film de Montagne et d’Exploration 2018, France
‣ Special Mention at 3rd Morocco Adventure Film Festival 2018, Morocco
‣ Best Film in section ‘Highlands of the World’ – 13th Orobie Film Festival 2019, Italy
‣ Best Production at 4th Objectif Aventure Festival 2019, France
‣ Nominated film at 29th Maria Luisa Memorial 2019, Spain
‣ Best Biography at NatureTrack Film Festival 2019, USA
‣ Public Price at 7th Festival du Film de Montagne Regards d’Altitudes 2019, France
‣ Honorable Mention at T-Film International Film Festival 2019, Czech Republic
‣ Best Photography at 13th Festival Internacional de Cine de Montaña Ushuaia Shh... 2019, Argentina


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In the Starlight
In the Starlight
In the Starlight
In the Starlight
In the Starlight

"No one is left unmoved by the night sky."